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Over the past decade, Africa has recorded sustained and impressive economic growth rates reaching up-to an average of 7 percent for a quarter of the countries. Despite this, Africa has the lowest levels of human development index with a large part of the population trapped in poverty, food and nutrition insecurity, rampant unemployment and inequality. Affordable health care is still a pipe dream while over 75 per cent of the population still lives without electricity and 81 per cent depend on solid traditional biomass fuels for cooking. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by World Leaders in 2015 embrace the need for economic development that leaves no one behind, while the Africa Union Agenda 2063 Aspiration 1 aims to attain a prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development underpinned by science, technology and innovation as stipulated in the technology and innovation strategy for Africa 2024.
In line with the SDGs and Africa Union Agenda, the Government of Kenya in its renewed priorities for development is focusing on four critical pillars to achieve its sustainable developmental agenda. These are food security, affordable housing, affordable healthcare and job creation through manufacturing. Against this background JOOUST is hosting the 2nd International Conference during which the pillars will be addressed through presentations and discussions under five identified sub-thematic areas. Furthermore, JOOUST is currently hosting the World Bank supported Africa Centre for Excellence in Insect for Food and Feed (ACE II).
The conference will bring together local and international participants and is expected to enhance networking and strengthen linkages between the private sector, academia and the government to contribute towards realization of sustainable development. The conference will provide an immense opportunity for participants to be part of world-class research personalities and scholars, scientific delegates and young scientists who seek to utilize their expertise to bring a new era for innovations.

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