School of Informatics and Innovative Systems

Prof. Solomon Ogara
Prof. Solomon Ogara


Dean's Message

On behalf of all the staff from the School of Informatics and Innovative Systems, I would like welcome you warmly to our School.

The impact of COVID-19 has made our University to change how we have traditional held first year orientation sessions. In addition, SIIS is expecting that teaching and learning will be enhanced with the introduction of our ejooust eLearning platform.

In SIIS we are cognizant of the important role that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will play in fulfilling the “Big Four” Agenda, the Kenya government economic blueprint that was developed to foster economic development and provide a solution to the various socio-economic problems facing Kenyans. It is well known that ICTs are enablers in terms of reducing costs and improving productivity through the streamlining of operations. ICT will provide solutions ranging from developing health information systems, developing applications for digitizing land records, harnessing the power of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to develop Smart farming applications and many more. SIIS is well positioned to take a lead in developing these applications to support the Kenya government Big Four. We need people like you with interests in ICT.

Career Path

In SIIS we are training students to become application analyst, cyber security analyst, data analyst, data scientist, database administrators, Information systems managers, and IT consultants. We are also shaping students to become specialists in the prevention, detection, correction, and conviction of digital crimes through our BSc in Computer Security and Forensics. In addition, we seek to play a major role in harnessing the power of the fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies(4IRs) such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Data Analytics using open source technologies such as “python” to assist small to medium business, health institutions and other governmental and non-governmental agencies in Kenya to make real time decisions and develop business applications. We would like to lead the way in this path.


SISS has 11 full-time teaching staff and 3 non-teaching staff members. Among our staff are professionals with international experience in the IT field (teaching and research), have studied and worked in some of the best universities outside Kenya.



  1. Computer Packages
  2. ICDL
  3. Certificate in Computer Technology and Application Studies
  4. Certificate in Linux for Engineering and IT Professionals


  1. Diploma in Computer Studies
  2. Diploma in Computer Technology and Application Studies
  3. Diploma in Linux for Engineering and IT Professionals


  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology Security
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science


  1. Bachelor of Science (Computer Security &Forensics)
  2. Bachelor of Science (Information, Communication and Technology)
  3. Bachelor of Science (Business Information Systems)
  4. Bachelor of Science (Library and Knowledge Management)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Computing Science and Technology)


  1. Master of Science (Information Technology Security and Audit)
  2. Master of Science (Health Informatics)
  3. Master of Science (Information Technology & Management)
  4. Master of Science (Information Systems)
  5. Master of Science (Innovation and Sustainable Development)


  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology Security and Audit
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Health Informatics
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology & Management
  5. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Information Systems
  6. Doctor of Philosophy in Innovation and Sustainable Development

Message from Dean School of Informatics and Innovative Systems (SIIS)

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