1. the Vice-Chancellor, who shall be the Chairperson;
  2. the Deputy Vice-Chancellors;
  3. the Principals of Colleges within the University;
  4. the Registrars;
  5. the Finance Officer; and
  6. such other members.
  1. The Chairperson of the Management Board may invite other officers of the University to attend Management Board meetings where specific matters pertaining to their departments or offices are being discussed and such officers shall be in attendance but not be eligible to vote.
  2. The Management Board shall assist the Vice-Chancellor in the day-to-day management of the University and shall─
    1. encourage the rationalization and efficiency of the University services;
    2. coordinate and control the development, planning, management and administration of the University and its resources in accordance with approved policies, rules and regulations;
    3. submit proposals to the University Council concerning annual budgets, development priorities, staff development plans, terms and conditions of service, fund raising strategies, student welfare, public relations policies, academic partnerships and linkages with other universities, collaborations with industry, as well as any policies and any matters related to the development, management and administration of the University;
    4. authorize the initiation of legal proceedings or defend or compromise legal proceedings in the name of and on behalf of the University;
    5. advise the Council on the management, administration, and academic affairs of the University; 
    6. propose to the University Council, rules and regulations for the administration of the University and for the execution of its programmes and plans;
    7. establish any University charges and fees;
    8. manage, supervise and administer the assets of the University in such a manner as best promotes the purpose for which the University is established;
    9. enter into association, collaboration or linkages with other bodies or organizations within or outside Kenya as the University may consider desirable or appropriate and in furtherance of the purpose for which the University is established;
    10. open a banking account or accounts for the funds of the University; and
    11. perform any other duties related to the management of the University.
  3. The Management Board may subject to such limitations as it may deem fit, delegate any of its powers or duties to the Chairman or committees consisting of such members of the Management Board and other persons as it may deem fit, and the Management Board may empower any such committee or committees to act jointly with committees appointed by the Senate.
  4. The following are the Committees of the Management Board.
    1. Housing & Space Allocation Committee;
    2. Tender Committee;
    3. Budget Preparation & Allocation Committee; and
    4. Quality Management System (QMS) Review committee.
  5. The Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of every committee of the Management Board but shall not be chairman of any such committee unless expressly so provided.

Vice ChancellorProf. Stephen G. Agong’

B.Sc., M.Sc. (UoN), Ph.D. (Giessen), FAAS

Office of Vice Chancellor

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (PAF)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (PAF)Prof. Francis Ang'awa Okere

B.Sc (KU), M.Sc. (UoN), PhD (Newcastle)

Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor Planning Administration and Finance

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (RIO)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (RIO)Prof. Benson Estambale

MBChB (UoN) M.Sc.; DTM&H, (LSTM) (UK), Ph.D (UoN)

Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Innovation and Outreach

Registrar Planning and Administration

Registrar Research, Innovation and OutreachDr. Patrick J. Akhaukwa

B.A. (KU), M.Sc. (MMUST), Ph.D (Moi), CPS (K) , MIHRM

Office of Registrar, Planning and Administration

Registrar Academic Affairs

Vice Chancellor

Dr. Walter Akuno

Dip., B.Sc. (Egerton), M.Sc. (Egerton) , Ph.D. (Egerton)

Office, Reistrar Academic Affairs

Finance Officer


CPA. Muchai Nancy Njeri

MBA in Finance), Bachelor of Science in Applied statistics,(Maseno university), (CSIA)(CPA-K)

Chief Finance Officer

Finance Office

Board Enterprise Services

Board Quality Assurance & Performance Contract

Board Information & Communication Technology