JOOUST has been awarded an Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Early Career Researcher (ECR) Training Grant.

The grant will enable staff at ACU member universities to organize and deliver training for their early career researchers, including Doctoral candidates. The training will equip researchers with essential skills to enable them to succeed in their careers, whether they remain in academia or utilize their skills in other professional fields. 

The trainings will be delivered by the following academic members of staff who have various areas of specialization: -

  1. Dr George Raburu will train ECRs on Time Management. Dr. Raburu is a Senior Lecturer of computer forensics and a researcher at the school of Informatics and Innovative systems at JOOUST.
  2. John Obiero Ogone will be trainer for presentation skills, public engagement and communication with non-academic audiences. Dr. Ogone who is Senior Lecturer of Linguistics and Communication in the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences at JOOUST.
  3. Paul Abuonji will be trainer for Networking. He is a lecturer in Computer Security and the Associate Director of Information Communication and Technology at JOOUST.
  4. Damar Osok will be trainer for grant writing. Damar is a grant writer in the Division of Research, Innovation and Outreach at JOOUST.

Delivered over six months, JOOUST’s training will help develop the research and career skills of 35 early career researchers and 15 doctoral candidates. Participants will be from JOOUST and other ACU member institutions within East Africa. Outcomes of the training will be categorized into research skills, career skills and skills beyond academia such as improved networking and exchange of information between ACU partner institutions.

JOOUST have opened up their training to community members at other ACU member universities. Slots are available for an early career researcher, someone who enrolled on a postgraduate/doctoral programme or has earned a PhD within 5-10 years, but whose interest in research is at an early, non-expert stage. There are 15 places available, including for research office staff or any other staff member who leads on providing training for early career researchers. For registration click here:-